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Fleet of the Chesapeake

What is the Fleet of the Chesapeake?

The Fleet was established by, and is an organization within, the Maryland Jaycees. The primary purpose of the Fleet is to recognize individual Maryland Jaycees for their recruiting success.

Why should my chapter promote the Fleet?

1. It encourages chapter growth.
2. It allows your members to be recognized statewide.
3. It sets specific goals and recognizes their successful completion.
4. Parade of Chapter and Individual Officer points are given for enrollment and advancement.

How does one enroll in the Fleet?

Step 1 – recruit five (5) Jaycee members (for any chapter, not just your own.)
Step 2 – make sure that supporting information is submitted to the Fleet Program Manager. (This is handled by your chapter membership team during monthly closeout.)
Step 3 – Chapter pays the initiation fee of $30, payable to The Maryland Jaycees.
Step 4 – Congratulations! You’ll be inducted as an Ensign in the Fleet at the next Quarterly Board meeting.

What are the ranks in the Fleet?

Advancements are achieved when the following total numbers are recruited:
5 Members Ensign/Enrollment
7 Members Lieutenant JG
10 Members Lieutenant
12 Members Lieutenant Commander
15 Members Commander
17 Members Captain
20 Members Commodore
22 Members Rear Admiral
25 Members Vice Admiral
30 Members Admiral

How are members recognized?

All awards are presented at the Maryland Jaycees quarterly conventions and will be recognized in the Maryland Jaycees Newsletter. Special presentations can be made to accommodate members unable to attend the Maryland Jaycees quarterly conventions. Contact the Fleet of the Chesapeake Program manager or membership vice president to schedule special presentations.

At the time of enrollment or advancements, members will receive the following as appropriate:

  • Ensign - Certificate of membership in the Fleet, Fleet Shield pin, and Ensign dangle bar
  • Advancements-Appropriate dangle bar.
  • Admiral - Admiral in the Fleet plaque, Admiral name badge, and Admiral dangle bar (this requires an additional $10 fee.)

Submitting Information

  • When submitting information for closeout, include the name of the member who recruited each new member on your close-out form. This information will be forwarded to the Fleet of the Chesapeake Program Manager and will also be used to verify degrees 2,4,6,8, and 10 in the Springboard and Degrees programs.

Other Information

  • For a fee, lost shields and bars may be replaced by the Fleet Program Manager.
  • To confirm advancements or request supplies, submit information to the Fleet PM via email, or postal mail at least 14 days before a quarterly convention.
  • Updated Fleet records will be available at each quarterly convention.
  • There is no age limit for participation in the Fleet of the Chesapeake.

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